Piercatrin Fashion Italian Group - Import & Export

'Piercatrin Fashion' is dealing in commercial transactions between Italy and International markets in the interests of B2B- Agency - Broker, with a specific focus on a strategy of brand development in the wide brand clothing’s market in the world. The distribution and sales’ network covers European and Asian markets through a large database of clients, mostly boutiques , as it is still the predominant distribution channel instead of the wholesalers. The process of research and supply is therefore adjusted to the customer’s needs, helping him in choosing specific brands and guiding him in an increasingly complex and competitive market. These are the distinctive elements, that, I believe, reduce the risk and the complexity of the choice and communicate the benefits and value that a product or a service can offer. For such reasons research is directed towards companies that offer an appropriate quality/price ratio,

compatible with varied and extensive markets such as the ones of Eastern Europe, and that can ensure a constant relationship between client and supplier in order to maximize the efficiency of the business, within an ongoing collaboration. Our young and dynamic staff is composed by highly specialized personnel. Reliability, correctness and ability in adapting to the single Customers demands: these are the features that always rewarded us. The deep knowledge of the Italian market, sees us in contact with a lot of producers of the 'Made in Italy mark', including the greatest Italian brands. Our first purpose is to answer to the Customer demands in terms of product, fittings and range price, always maintaining high the quality level. Professionalism and maximum attention to our Customers needs, puts our organization among the most important buying offices in the national and international market.